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Career Services

1-on-1 Career Coaching

Confidently step into your promotion, new career, or new job with customized accountability and coaching

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Pocket Career Coaching

Want to have me in your pocket? This for YOU if you want support on your job hunt, transitioning to a new role, or want to work through your day-to-day work life with me.

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Unique Career Strategy Session

90 minute coaching session to design your unique career roadmap

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Consultation Call

Not sure what career service is right for you? Or looking for customized help on a UX project? Schedule a free call with me and we can discuss what would be best for you, your career, or your business!

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Michelle Morgan

As a team leader, there are a whole host of things to manage within projects and teams and how your team relates to the rest of the organization and your clients before you even get started on the idea of self-management and career management.  But you can’t let it go because this is a crucial time - you have fewer peers and often don’t really get feedback that you need.  The issues can get cloudy really quickly and make you want to just ignore it.  THIS IS WHY YOU NEED A COACH!  It’s an investment in your self and a way to dedicate time to the work on your own mindset, blockers, and goals.

Amanda has been a great coach for me because she is committed to the big picture and helps me stay on track.  She uses a simple process of helping me resolve the small issues that block me from feeling like I can tackle the larger stuff.  It’s improved my confidence as a manager because I have an outside sounding board.  It’s given me support and validation around my personal goals that might not directly align with my office or my boss.  And she keeps track of things that it’s easy for me to forget - like the fact that I’m on a journey and this is just one part of the whole experience.  On top of all of that, she’s kind and truly funny. . . so that makes the hard things a bit easier.

Michelle Morgan

Sarah Kate Hampton

Amanda works through various modalities depending on what you’re going through. Whether you’re working though a creative block, self confidence and imposter syndrome, or refocusing your career goals to align with human needs and wants, Amanda can help.

When I came to Amanda for 1:1 coaching, I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling. I was also struggling with whether or not entrepreneurship was for me and if so— what would I do? The workshop type sessions I had with Amanda helped me to articulate some viable interests for a side hustle, while also helping me reinvent my role at my current job. Through her gentle but enthusiastic encouragement, I overcame my short term goals.

I recommend Amanda to everyone who really wants to be happier in their jobs, careers, and side hustles. I have so many Amanda gems (delicious quotes) scribbled in stickies on my desk, monitor, bathroom mirror…

Sarah Kate Hampton

Aneta Kmiecik
I had a fabulous UX coaching session with Amanda. She asked me all great questions that made me realize how many areas I can explore in my UX career. She helped me uncovered my problems, set up milestones and she gave me actionable tips. Additionally to this, Amanda is a super kind person, full of energy and really a passionate UX coach. If you’re lost with your UX career, I would strongly recommend having a session with Amanda 😊

Aneta Kmiecik

UX Designer & Mentor

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