Uncertain Times

Amanda Worthington
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July 30, 2020

“Why do we all keep pretending that we know what we’re doing?” I was talking to my life coach, Kali, yesterday and that’s what she said to me. “None of us know what we’re doing. And that’s the beauty in it! That’s the fun!”

And today as I’m leaning into that... Kali’s right. There’s freedom in realizing that we’re all just doing the best we can. We’re in a pandemic, in an imperfect world, with imperfect people — and we always have been. This isn’t unique to 2020 really. It’s just lifting the veil on what we’ve been too busy to notice.

So now that we’re free to not know, now what? Now that we see we’re the leaders we were waiting for, that we don’t need to follow, that we can listen and trust ourselves... now what?

Now, we UX. Now, we design. Now, we test, iterate, and create something new. The beauty in realizing that everything’s uncertain is that everything’s malleable, adaptable, changeable. We can change our minds, try something new, and then change our minds again. Isn’t that WILD?

Change can be scary. Responding to uncertainty with “let’s try something” is scary. But I’m not giving you a magic pill to make all your problems go away. I’m giving you a process. And the beauty in a proven process that works is that you uncover new answers, reliable answers that are unique to you and your business. No one-size-fits-all website, layout, color scheme.

If you’ve been wanting to convert more customers in your online business, but aren’t sure where to start, then my process is the answer for you. By using this process of discovery, design, diagnose, and deliver, we can systematically find the opportunities in your website and business so that you can book those clients — and make an impact on your world and bottom line.

Sign up for my Website Audit today and I’m including discounted hours so that we can get your website on the right foot in 2020 and beyond!


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