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Not sure how much work your website actually needs? With this quick audit, you'll know where your website stands today, where you want it to be, and what steps to take to get there!

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The Process


Looking at your website, we determine how well it reflects your business, ideal customers, and your vision for the future.


Evaluate how consistent your website design is throughout the site. This includes colors, typography, call to action descriptions, etc.


Audit how customers can sign up and work with you from your site. Finding more efficient ways for you to serve even more people.


You'll receive a full written & video evaluation of your website, and a 45-min call discussing recommendations.

Lightning Talk

Design Your Career

How many of us spend our careers focusing on the wrong things? We crush our to-do lists and brag about how busy we are, but neglect the one thing that really matters -- our careers. In this talk, I provide the tools I use to figure out where you want to go and the actions to get there. And, most importantly, have fun along the way!

Key Takeaways

  • Without intention, you'll be running around in circles instead of achieving your goal.
  • Find opportunities in your daily life to work on your goals and incorporate new, stretch activities
  • Look to your past to find clues for where you want to go

Most Tweetable line

"I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been" - Winnie the Pooh
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Other Services

1-Online Course

DIY Wordpress Website

Do you have a great idea for a business and want a one-stop-shop for your customers to find and buy from you? BUT you're worried about the tech, expenses, and "missing something"? Well I got you! This course takes care of all of that!

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How it works

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2-UX & Website Design

UX & Website Design

Do you hesitate to give your potential clients the link to your website? Or give a little "I'm in the process of updating it" qualifier? Let's take that outdated brochure and transform it into a client-converting, money-making machine!

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How it works

Using interview and survey techniques, we'll understand your ideal customers and how your business serves them.

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Need a tenacious speaker for your online events? I talk about how to clearly define your business and customer journey so that you can translate that into a client-booking, money-making website.

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How it works

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