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Amanda Worthington
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October 24, 2022

So you’ve been hearing about UX design for a little bit now and you’re wondering if it’s time for you to make the career switch. You’ve got all the bootcamps pinned in your browser, you’ve heard about some local (or virtual) UX Meetups but haven’t mustered up the courage to go, and you just discovered the magical (overwhelming) world of Medium.

Well after all of that, I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon ME. If you don’t know me, I’m Amanda Worthington. I’m an engineer turned software consultant turned UX designer, host of the UX Hustle Summit and UX Hustle podcast, and your biggest cheerleader in UX and life.

My biggest piece of advice to up-and-coming UXers is to use the UX process on yourself and your career. The UX process is a proven, reliable system for getting customized, personal results. To me, it’s the magic bullet to solve all problems. Discover, Define, Design, Diagnose, Deliver — REPEAT. And here’s the secret: You’re never actually done going through this process for yourself. Because that’s how life works! And that’s what’s magical about it! So welcome to the exciting, terrifying, joyful experience of not knowing what to do! Because all you have to do is take the next best step in the process and keep going.

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