3 Groups of People You Need

Amanda Worthington
1 min read
· Posted on
July 30, 2020

I’m a live event junkie. There I said it.

Ever since the first live event I went to in 2018, I was hooked — Women Work and Worth. Meeting new people, being inspired, and seeing women that “made it” realizing that they’re just like ME! I always left events MOTIVATED to take on the freaking world.

Eventually that motivation would peter out and I’d need another adrenaline hit — so more events! San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tampa, Chicago, LA I’m in! And thennn sccccratch: COVID happened. And all my plans got cancelled, postponed, or moved.

And so I isolated myself a bit, waiting, sporadically journaling, sporadically working out, sporadically... being sporadic.

But now 5 months later, I realize that what I really craved was CONNECTION. And for me, I was missing all 3 of these groups to connect with... maybe you’re like me or maybe you’re just missing 1 or 2.

  1. People to Teach/Inspire/Motivate
  2. Peers to Support/Grow With
  3. Leaders to Learn From

Check out my stories on Instagram to see which one I’ve learned has the biggest impact!

Which group are you craving?


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