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Let's take your website from hot mess express to functioning, lead generating and no longer getting in the way of your sales. Start sending clients back to your website with pride instead of handling everything in DMs or Zoom calls.

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I truly believe that User Experience (UX) Design can change the world -- Both on a personal and entrepreneurial level. I love sharing takeaways and transformations to audiences through captivating stories, lessons, and tools.

If you're looking for a speaker to give your audience tangible actions, I'd love to connect and see if I'm a good fit!

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The Process


UX & Website Audit to see where your website stands and what improvements can be made. Don't have a website? We'll do a thorough competitive analysis of your industry space and see how you can stand out!


After you create a Moodboard in Pinterest, we create a Style Guide, Module and Page Design -- and plenty of conversation for your feedback to move forward.


Once we build your designs in your website, we'll send the drafted site to a few testers to make sure it's intuitive and easy to use


Celebrate! We'll launch your website at the end of the day and provide you with 30 days of support.

Lightning Talk

Design Your Career

How many of us spend our careers focusing on the wrong things? We crush our to-do lists and brag about how busy we are, but neglect the one thing that really matters -- our careers. In this talk, I provide the tools I use to figure out where you want to go and the actions to get there. And, most importantly, have fun along the way!

Key Takeaways

  • Without intention, you'll be running around in circles instead of achieving your goal.
  • Find opportunities in your daily life to work on your goals and incorporate new, stretch activities
  • Look to your past to find clues for where you want to go

Most Tweetable line

"I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been" - Winnie the Pooh
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What you get

  • UX & Website Audit or Competitive Research
  • Prioritized Punchlist of recommendations
  • Full Day VIP experience with yours truly
  • Your website to-do list finally getting knocked out and accomplished in a single day
  • A 60 min Kick-off meeting before our full day
  • A shared Google drive and format for laying out everything we need to have a successful day together
  • Slack or Facebook messenger communication with me for the full day + 30 days after

Who it's For

  • You just want to get things done and executed on your website
  • You want your site refreshed and updated
  • You want to get the ball rolling on your website and have momentum in your online business
  • You've been staring at a list of to-dos to update your website but it never gets done
  • You've worked with designers in the past but it seems like nothing ever gets done in the timeframe you expect
Band-Aid in a Day

How it works

  • Secure the day for your full-day intensive (up to 8 hours) with a $1000 deposit
  • Schedule your kick-off call (60 min)
  • I'll start on your UX & Website Audit or Competitive Research and present my findings to you in our kick-off call
  • Receive instructions for any prep work required to make sure we make the MOST of our time together (~1 hour)
  • The day of we'll have the list of items to tackle as well as feedback and check-in opportunities throughout the day via a private Slack channel
  • After our day together, you'll continue to have access to me through Slack or Facebook Messenger to ask any questions for 30 days
$1000 now + 2 Payments
Schedule Your Band-Aid in a Day

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